Discovering Stephanie Parry

I work with executives and organisations, to create stronger leaders, who have more impact and in doing so create better places to work for everyone.

I have been doing this for over thirty years, ever since I joined Reckitt and Colman as a graduate HR trainee. Loyalty and continuity are leitmotifs for me, and many of my colleagues, clients and friends have been with me for several decades.

Having experienced a wide range of industries, functions, geographical and cultural borders, I have learned to derive insight, knowledge and wisdom from both the everyday and the exceptional. My pleasure and satisfaction in life come from being able to share this with others, whether they are seeking individual support, or creating massive organisational change.

Making connections between disparate ideas, I see common themes across what may appear to be unconnected industries and discern patterns in individual behaviour. I view everybody, including myself, as a truly unique human being, with the potential to learn from multiple sources. I love music, novels, travel and Bruce Springsteen - the Boss! All of them, and more, inform and enrich my work…

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