Working with Stephanie Parry

I am not a formula, nor do I have a
one-size-fits-all approach.

My constant delving into the latest leadership thinking, as well as the realms of the arts, sports, travel, gastronomy and more, allow me to keep fresh and constant, bringing novel ways of looking at problems or situations.


Clients choose me because I have walked in their shoes. And they stay with me because they trust me, feel safe and can rely on me to tell it like it is.

When you choose to work with me, you benefit from my experience in major corporations such as EMC and British Airways, in global roles. I have not only held executive positons but have significant experience as a coach and consultant in a wide range of global industrial sectors, and thus I can empathise with your situation, however uniquely challenging it may seem to you.


You will also derive insight from looking at things from a number of angles, and from my experience as a global, multicultural individual. I am British by birth, with Welsh roots, a European citizen and have spent most of my adult life in France. There are eight nationalities in my family, and I have worked with people from many different cultures, backgrounds, nations and languages in the course of my career. Whether I am working with a global company or a small social entrepreneur, I am certain that our human condition leaves us intimately connected, requiring the same answers to address identical issues, albeit in very different contexts.


I create a space for you to talk and be listened to - a modern-day luxury! Time to be heard and even to be silent. I will challenge you with empathy and give you the chance to stretch your ideas and leadership style. You can feel free to be who you want to be and say what you yearn to say; I will be there.

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