Story Telling

My home and office are full of books, and I am fascinated by stories, wherever I go. My love of sagas stems from my passion for the interconnections between people, the dynamics of families and organisations and the dilemmas we face.

I can be in a restaurant and find myself so captivated by the people sitting alongside and the glimpse I have into their world that I am sorely tempted to follow them out, to see what happens next! And this is what I enjoy doing with individual leaders and organisations -

following and deciphering their stories, and exploring the myths, legends and assumptions that have been made, to see if they are still relevant and true, and then to see how new stories might enable development and growth.

I am touched and feel privileged by people sharing their stories with me. I always listen with great care, using what the story reveals about the client to shed light on the current situation, to help explore alternative options and provide space for the person to decide what they want to do.

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