Stephanie Parry

I work with executives and organisations, to create stronger leaders who have more impact and in so doing create better work places for all.


Whenever you reach a professional crossroads, you have a choice about how to deal with it. Having someone there to support you, to see past the surface and keep you connected to your true self and mission, can be a significant plus. If that someone has seen life from many different angles and has walked in your shoes, you are likely to come through a changed and stronger person. I just might be that someone - an eclectic and international executive coach, consultant and leader.

I will help the right story to unfold for you, in your work or in any aspect of your life - underpinning your performance, pulling on a diverse range of resources, giving you the opportunity to fulfil your potential and to create a great legacy, whatever your origins and however complex your challenges. You may be feeling stuck and no longer able to rise as comfortably as before, or the isolation at the top could be overwhelming you. I provide you with a safe space, playing a neutral and objective role, either as your coach, or indeed as a consultant to your team and organisation.

In this website, I share some reflections on the work I have done, the objects, ideas, places and creations that have influenced me, giving me the strength and inspiration to enable positive change in individuals and organisations across the world for over thirty years.

Along with my stories, I am sharing with you my desk as it will give you an insight into who I am in order to help you decide if I am the right person for you and your organisation.

I love the RSA Animate talks and I use graphic design in my work. This one is Ken Robinson who is a great influence on me

Flowers, of course!

Pens in a beer mug from a Bruce Springsteen concert

The Lebey Guide to restaurants in Paris, ready for my next reservation

My British Passport and Eurostar tickets ready for my next trip

After over 25 years in France, I drink several mugs a day of tea and always buy more “proper tea” when I go to London!

Tickets for the next season at the Paris Philharmonic

Despite all the high tech I have, I still love writing in ink and am loyal to Moleskine notebooks

Russian dolls that I use to explain “nested systems” in organisations

There’s always a pile of books that are influencing me – these are the latest...

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Working with Stephanie Parry

My constant delving into the latest leadership thinking, as well as the realms of the arts, sports, travel, gastronomy and more, allow me to keep fresh and constant, bringing novel ways of looking at problems or situations.


Clients choose me because I have walked in their shoes. And they stay with me because they trust me, feel safe and can rely on me to tell it like it is. When you choose to work with me, you benefit from my experience in major corporations such as EMC and British Airways,

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You will also derive insight from looking at things from a number of angles, and from my experience as a global, multicultural individual. I am British by birth, with Welsh roots, a European citizen and have spent most of my adult life in France. There are eight

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I create a space for you to talk and be listened to - a modern-day luxury! Time to be heard and even to be silent. I will challenge you with empathy and give you the chance to stretch your ideas and leadership style. You can feel free to be who you want to be and say what you yearn to say; I will be there.

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My work in organisations covers a host of leadership and change issues, and I bring both a consulting and coaching approach, pulling on either or both, as appropriate.

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The dynamics of transformations are complex and can often lead to unexpected results.
An orchestra, for example, is so much more than the sum of its musical instrument parts.

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Story Telling

My home and office are full of books, and I am fascinated by stories, wherever I go. My love of sagas stems from my passion for the interconnections between people, the dynamics of families and organisations and the dilemmas we face.


I am fortunate to work with some of the very best partners in the world. Our work together inspires me, keeps me fresh and always learning. When I have the opportunity to work on a larger scale project, needing a more sizeable team and deeper resources, I bring in one of these trusted partners with whom I have a formal Associate relationship:

Associate Partner

KRW is a global consultancy, focused on creating leaders of strong character reputation, who deliver superior results.


BE Leadership focuses on “social leadership”, creating leaders who are more collaborative, more authentic and more engaged.

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